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We offer you e-mail addresses databases for advertisement mailing; we sell databases also carry out mailing and hosting for the advertising projects.


World Email Lists . Their validity and originality are verified. Details please go to our website (screenshot1 a screenshot2)

Country or area total emails

America 175 Million Email Address
Europe 156 Million Email Address
Asia 168 Million Email Address
China(PRC) 80 Million Email Address
HongKong 3.25 Million Email Address
TaiWan 2.25 Million Email Address
Japan 27 Million Email Address
Australia 6 Million Email Address
Canda 10 Million Email Address
Russia 38 Million Email Address
England 22 Million Email Address
German 40 Million Email Address
France 38 Million Email Address
India 12 Million Email Address
other Country or Area

Category Name total emails

Apparel, Fashion, Textiles and Leather 4,654,565
Automobile & Transportation 6,547,845
Business Services 6,366,344
Chemicals 3,445,565
Computer & Telecommunications 654,655
Construction & Real Estate 3,443,544
Consumer Electronics 1,333,443
Energy, Minerals & Metals 6,765,683
Environment 656,533
Food & Agriculture 1,235,354
Gems & Jewellery 565,438
Health & Beauty 804,654
Home Supplies 323,232
Industrial Supplies 415,668
Office Supplies 1,559,892
Packaging & Paper 5,675,648
Printing & Publishing 6,563,445
Security & Protection 5,653,494
Sports & Entertainment 3,488,455
Toys, Gifts and Handicrafts 2,135,654
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Send Your Ad to Millions

20 million bulk email
50 million bulk email
100 million bulk email
200 million bulk email

Imagine emailing 500,000 recipients and 1 out of every 1000 orders your product, that's 500 new orders!
* We go all-out to make sure our customers are completely satisfied
* If any emails fail to make delivery, we replace them free of charge
* 100% Spam free, rest assured you will not be accused of spamming
* Almost all of our emails are sent to valid email addresses
* No software required, we do all the mailing from our own server
* Don't be fooled in signing up with similar sites offering services that cannot compare to ours
* Get the most bang for your buck with bulk email advantage!

Poznmka redaktora

Netum, do jak mry je nabdka opravdov nebo jen parta podvodnk se sna vylkat penze z jinch darebk.
Pokud by byla nabdka opravdov, je to jen mal ukzka toho, jak me vypadat obchod s-emailovmi adresami.

Adresa strnky: http://www.hoax.cz/retezove-emaily/email-marketing/
Alternativn odkaz: http://www.hoax.cz/index.php?section=retezove-emaily&action=hoax_detail&id=279

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