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Dear Sir/Madam,
Though this approach appears desperate difficulties, encountered in efforts to establish a business abroad necessitate this search for someone to assist me in securing and investing a very large sum of money which was owned by close friend and business partner for a long time.

I am IAN NURI an English citizen by birth but have leaved all my life in Russia since I was 10 years old I am 55 years now, I was the personal assistant and very close friend to LATE MR VIKTOR BARKOV for over 12years the Ex President of a well know firm RUCAS OIL & GAS LTD in Russia. I left the firm in 1997 after LATE MR VIKTOR BARKOV retired at the age of 58. Since then I went on to open my soliciting firm in the United Kingdom and I have manage LATE MR VIKTOR BARKOV funds, which was in the United Kingdom.

On the 11 of March 2004,it came to my notice that LATE MR VIKTOR BARKOV was on vacation in Spain , he was going for sight seeing when he got on the commuter train system of Madrid when series of coordinated bombings took place (a suicide bomber with a bag pack on train) in the Madrid commuter train exploded which killed over 191 people and injured a further 2050 and my dearest friend God bless his sole LATE MR VIKTOR BARKOV was caught in the incident I always remember when I spoke to him last on the 10th of that month and he told me how Spain was it took me over a year to get over it and come to reality that he was no more. Since then I have paid over £150,000 for the last 4 year to secure this funds I have been looking for any of his relatives since then and only to find out that he was the last generation of the BARKOV Family single and Died at the age of 65years.


It came to my notice on the 1st of this month from the security firm where this funds were deposited that if we cant pay the taxation fess of these funds by the end of year the funds will be remitted to the British commission, I have a profiling amount of $20,000,000USD(Twenty Million Dollars).
Which I seek your Partnership in accommodating for me. A You will be rewarded as mentioned above with 25% of the total sum for your partnership cooperation. Can you be my partner on this? All I need from you is to stand as the beneficiary of the above quoted Sum and I will re-profile the funds with your name, which will enable the European haulage and private vault Security Company release the consignment of the funds to you in your name as the new beneficiary to the claims of the
Funds. While 5% should be for expenses or tax as your government may require. All I require is your honest co-operation to enable us having this transaction accomplished. I have all the documents (DEPOSIT CERTIFICATE) and also will be arranging documents from Russia make you a relative that guarantee this transaction is executed under a legitimate arrangement
Also as a personal lawyer to LATE MR VIKTOR BARKOV i will provide us with all legal guide in collecting this funds without any trouble for both countries government. This will protect everyone involved from breach of the law’s will also send you text of claim application to fill out. You shall be expect to fill it out and forwarded to the security firm, requesting for the immediate remittance of the fund into your nominated account.
It is worthy to note that due to the nature of this transaction absolute confidentiality is required when the fund has been remitted into your nominated account. I must assure you, once again, this transaction is safe and free from any encumbrance because adequate arrangement have been Put in place for its success.
Your sincere co-operation in this regards, will be duly appreciated. I look forward to your urgent reply.
NB: Due to security reason I need you to contact me on my private
email: ian.nuri.1@googlemail.com<mailto:ian.nuri.1@googlemail.com>
Ian Nuri

Adresa stránky: http://www.hoax.cz/scam419/mr-viktor-barkov/
Alternativní odkaz: http://www.hoax.cz/index.php?section=scam419&action=hoax_detail&id=903

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